You have value, be part of the equation

The firm of approximately 90 professionals is well-known for its humanist philosophy, the quality of its services and its ability to harness each team member's potential.

Labranche Therrien Daoust Lefrançois is committed to the professional growth of its employees. It provides an annual continuing education program designed and tailored according to our professional employees' needs by the professional and his or her mentor as part of the individual development plan and performance evaluation.

Each professional enjoys his or her own pleasant and comfortable workstation with cutting-edge technologies.

We offer an exciting work environment, flexible working hours you will not find in any other accounting firm, competitive salary and a full range of social benefits.

If you are looking for a professional work environment that reconciles professional and personal lives, look no further and join Labranche Therrien Daoust Lefrançois.

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