Martin Labranche

CPA Auditor

Competence and Dedication

Martin Labranche is known for his unparalleled customer service. His priority? To be available at all times and in every situation. He takes the time to listen to your requests with the utmost care and responds with impeccable efficiency.

With his sharp mind, Martin Labranche quickly developed an interest in all that is mathematical and logical. This passion never diminished. In fact, it was reinforced by the infectious enthusiasm for accounting of his father, Yves Labranche.  

His first steps in the profession took place when he was a college student in 2005. He continued his studies and obtained a graduate diploma in accounting in 2008. He successfully passed the exam of the Order and received the designation of Chartered Accountant.

He then began his professional career at Rocheleau-Labranche and became a partner in November 2014. He developed a specialized experience in SMEs and the pharmaceutical sector. His keen understanding of accounting principles and his ability to analyze financial statements make him an excellent advisor. From the very first meeting with him, his frankness, confidence and presence of mind will make you feel that you are in good hands.

If you are looking for a dependable CA, one who will take care of your interests with rigour, then Martin Labranche is the man for you.

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