Ian Lefrançois

CPA Auditor, D. Fisc.

The Strategist

Ian Lefrançois is the expert who puts his skills to use for your benefit. He has a special ability to put himself in the shoes of his clients and to discern their needs. With his innate sense of business, you will not feel like you are dealing with an outside consultant, but with a fellow entrepreneur.  

After three years in one of the largest accounting firms in Canada, he built up an important expertise with small and medium-sized businesses before joining LTML s.a. He is the co-founder of the LTML office in Old Montreal, which will become one of the offices of Labranche Therrien Daoust Lefrançois in 2015. To add to his training and continue to offer the best to his clients, he completed his Graduate Diploma in Taxation (D. Fisc.) at the University of Sherbrooke. Over the years, Ian Lefrançois has developed a large clientele, particularly in the restaurant industry, the purchase and sale of businesses, and among health professionals. His primary objective is to help his clients succeed in their various business practices. To do so, he ensures that the best accounting and tax strategies are put in place to maximize these processes within their company.


Trust the expertise of Ian Lefrançois. A partnership that will take you far!

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